Bango Oil: Re-Refined Products
Quality Control





True used oil re-refining and a true “green facility” is what Bango Refining is all about.


Using modern state-of-the-art technology, new automated processing equipment and a team of highly qualified personnel, the Bango Refining plant located on 30 acres in Churchill County, Nevada can re-refine up to 58,600 gallons per day of used lubricating oil back into high quality Group II plus base oils. No waste products are produced by the Bango Refining re-refining process because the fuel found in the used oil is extracted and used as the heat energy to run the plant. The water found in the used oil is also extracted, treated and used by the plant process for cooling and wash water.  Any remaining water is used for landscape irrigation and dust control for Churchill County. Lastly, the spent additives and sludge found in the used oil is extracted and recycled back into asphalt oil to be used for our roads and highways.  All of the raw and finish products into and out of the Bango Refining facility is transported by either rail car or tanker trucks.


Nevada is the only state in the U.S. that can claim 100% of the used oil generated within the state can now be re-refined rather then burnt as a dirty burner fuel.